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Welcome to MoHS-SLA
...providing a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) and Implementing Partners (IPs) in the health sector.
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About MoHS Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an approach that is used by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) – a Government institution that is mandated with the overall responsibility to ensure provision of health care services in Sierra Leone – to delegate parts of this mandate to non-Government entities. The SLA is a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) and Implementing Partners (IPs) prior to implementing activities in the health sector.

The objective of the SLA is to ensure that health sector programme implementation is aligned with the national priorities and contribute towards achieving better health outcomes.

Inform Decision

Enables the MoHS to capture all projects implemented in the health sector into one database that can generate reports to inform decision making.

Aligning Projects to MOHS Priorities

Ensures that all proposed projects are aligned with the MOHS priorities and responds to the gaps identified in the district plans.

Equitable Service

Ensures that all partner support is rationed across the 15 districts, contributing toward equitable service provision for the Sierra Leonean population.

Adhearence to Quality

Ensures adherence to quality service standards for goods, services and works.


Improves coordination of health care interventions at the district and lower levels and avoid duplication of partner efforts.

Strengthen Monitoring of Partner Interventions

Strengthens monitoring of partner interventions at the district and local levels and ensures that a significant proportion of donor investments reach the beneficiaries (value for money).

Prioritize Interventions at Lower Levels

Ensures that interventions (by type) at the lower levels are prioritized and that support to the 15 districts is equitable.
The Ministry of Health and Sanitation is aware that implementing partners have projects that are currently ongoing. The SLA applies to all active projects on a differentiated approach. For ongoing projects that were signed before 01 May 2015 using the MOU, the implementing partner should submit part of the required documents. The submitted documents will not undergo PRC review. Instead, the SLA will be screened for completeness and details of the project will be entered into the SLASLA database and filed for future references. All projects that were not endorsed by MOHS in one form or the other by 01 May 2015, an SLA is mandatory prior to implementation. It should be noted that extension of signed SLAs is possible without substantial review if the scope remains the same and it is no cost extension. If there is additional funding to support the extension, then the new/revised budget should be submitted to the SLA Team for review. For all projects whose SLAs were not signed by 22nd of September 2016 when MOHS communicated the Cabinet decision on institutional support, it is mandatory for the IP to pay the SLA institutional support prior to the review and approval of the SLA. Implementing partners are encouraged to book an SLA institutional support negotiation appointment with the SLA Team using the email address: and a member of the SLA Team will book the appointment. There are several options for IPs and these include: (i) IP negotiating directly with the MOHS; or (ii) The donor negotiating on behalf of the IP. It should be noted that MOHS will not sign SLAs with the donors as SLAs is meant to hold IPs accountable for services they provide at the implementation sites. It is the MOHS’ preference for an IP to engage the SLA Team on the institutional support prior to developing and/or finalizing the budget prior to formal submission to minimize back and forth.

Meet the Executives

Meet the experienced MoHS SLA team 

Dr Austin Demby
Minister of Health and Sanitation

Morie Momoh
Permanent Secretary 
Ministry of Health and Sanitation
Dr Dennis Marke Health System Strengthening Program Manager

Sulaiman Phoray-Musa Senior Program Manager, SLA

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